This project consisted of creating a visual identity for Virgin Active Red. Virgin Active Red is a entry level tiered gym: “We don’t care if it’s your first time, hundredth time or if you’re short of time, at Virgin Active RED we’ve made gym easy and fun ”

This project consisted of concept development, branding and brand extension into a physical space, collateral design, interior design and layout as well as print design.

Working hand in hand with the VA in-house team we developed a stripped down identity. Virgin Active Red gym are essentially gym’s that have been scaled down to only have the essentials, their key target market is new comers, members who have limited income and or are simply looking for a no-fuss gym experience. We took the ‘less is more’ approach to branding, and kept the new gym goer in mind. We broke the space up into numbered sections and gave each number a name linked to each are’s function, a name that’s easy to understand e.g. ‘Run, Step, Ride’ and created a big welcome wall. This wall includes a map of the gym as well as work out cards. These cards which are divided by goals and times minimised the need for personal trainers in VA Red gym’s.

The whole gym is built around a functional floor called ‘The Grid’. ‘The Grid’ is a space for high energy functional group training. All equipment in the gym was arrange to face ‘The Grid’ – this creates an inviting, high energy atmosphere for all.