Soothing Scents approached Studio in mid-2016 to rethink their brand vision and help the company (a hospital supplier) break into and engage with the retail market. We worked with Soothing Scents at every level of the branding process, beginning with market research and analysis, through to full package and logo redesign, brand architecture structuring and re-naming, web design, press and communications strategy.

About the client:

Soothing Scents is a different kind of wellness company.

Originally designed by a nurse anesthetist as an alternative for of support for surgery patients, the company creates 100% natural essential oils inhalers based on five key areas: morning sickness, travel sickness, general nausea, mental focus and relaxation. Each proprietary blend comes in a personal diffuser that lasts for 6 months and can be carried around with you.

Their origins are 100% medical, the ingredients 100% natural, and their mission is to create products that enable people to carry on with their bold, and inspired lives. All their products are made by medical professionals and backed by extensive scientific research and studies.




Today, their flagship blend QueaseEASE is used in over 1,000 hospitals and thousands of homes across America, by expectant mothers, boaters, nervous air travelers, road trip enthusiasts, deep sea divers, frequent flyers, chemotherapy patients, and those looking for a natural way to achieve mental focus and a better way to relax.

This project consisted of the following:

  • Brand strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Development
  • Packaging Design
  • Website Design
  • Communications Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Campaign Development

Creative Partners: Website Development – Alchemy+Aim